The Cold War

Joseph Stalin USSR leader
The two dominant powers during The Cold War were The United States of America and USSR. At the beginning of the Cold War the USSR was being lead by Communist Joseph Stalin and was later succeeded by Nikita Khrushchev. The USSR extended its influence over Soviet satellite countries in Eastern Europe (had their own Communist governments, reported to Moscow) including Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, and E. Germany. The United States president at the time was President Truman. During His Presidency he attempt to secure markets for finished goods and sources of raw materials. He also felt obligated to protect countries threatened by Communist rule which resulted in The Truman Doctrine and Containment. Lastly there was The Marshall Plan which was put into action at the close of WWII, it was an effort to aid ruined counties in Europe in one day to have them as allies.

The USSR creates thH51.jpge first Hydrogen Bomb which not only causes extreme anxiety for The United States but also prompts them to make the NSC (National Security Council) and the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency). The USSR also launched the first man and satellite into space before the USA which led to NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration).

Post World War II Germany was being occupied by The United States, France, England, and The USSR. Berlin was ultimately divided into quarters; East Berlin was Communist and West Berlin was Democratic. The Soviet Union wanted to annex Berlin so it formed a blocked which cut off all supplies to Berlin. The USA reacted to the by airlifting supplies to them; it also leads Congress to support NATO (North Atlantic Trade Organization). In answer to NATO, the Soviet Union created the Warsaw Pact.

mao-zedong.jpgThe Korean War was started when North Korea invades South Korea. President Truman's action was to reunited Korea which did not work well. The Chinese backed up North Korea who was being influenced by the USSR because of Communism. China was being led by Mao Zedoung who was Communist and his rival a Nationalist who was exiled to Taiwan, Chian Kai-Shek. When President Eisenhower takes office he also end the Korean War with the Eisenhower Doctrine.

Once again the fear of Communism floods America being named The Second Red Scare. Only to enhance The United States anxiety McCarthyism takes its place. Senator Joseph McCarthy begins to accuse people in the State Government of being Communists. His downfall came after his accused the Army of having Communists.

Under the Kennedy Administration The United States friendly dictatorship of Cuba was overthrown by Communist Fidel Castro. When Castro took control of the country The United States' CIA began to train Cuban exiles for what is later known as Bay of Pigs which failed miserably. The Cuban Missile Crisis is looked as the closet the USA has ever come to nuclear war. Later, Kennedy forms the Peace Core; a group of Americans who go the 3rd world countries to help and aid the people, this was a more subtle way of finding more allies.